We are wholesalers of raw materials for animal feed. Founded in 1907, we import and market all maximum quality </ strong> products throughout Spain and subject to standards set by the European Union, where the Customer is the most important. We import directly to the main northern ports of Spain

We give you service

All the goods that are imported are subject to rigorous technical-sanitary analysis by official laboratories and comply with all the regulations for entry and commercialization within the European Union. On the other hand, the location of the company allows our direct supervision of all the goods that arrive at the ports of Bilbao, Santander and Avilés.

We give you confidence

Aguirre offers the solvency of a company with a century of experience combined with a constant spirit of adaptation to a sector in constant evolution.

We give you security

The commitment in the fulfillment of the agreed deadlines is one of our main premises, always in the search of alternative solutions and adapted to the client.

We adapt to your needs

We have up-to-date information on markets and with the flexibility provided by the lack of our own warehouses, we adapt ourselves at all times to the specific needs of our clients.